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Decorate using Inspiration from Animals and Nature.


Animal prints have been a huge trend in fashion, naturally that’s also translated in home décor too. Zebra, leopard, tiger and even snake print are some of the most popular prints out there. It’s a daring decision that requires courage, you see animal print isn’t for the shy and bashful. Animal print can introduce a sense of exploration and adventure as well as allure and charm to a space, depending on which room and the atmosphere you’re intending on creating.

Using a collection of animals print pictures for instance tiger and leopard can instantly bring out a fiery and ferociousness feel in a bedroom, to create a sensual, tantalizing environment. While a snake print is particularly unique, if you’re an individual who is distinct and bold a wall art depicting that image can absolutely intensify that image.

A picture of a snake goes well with shades of deep green and golds, so if your living room or bedroom are painted in those tones pictures of such animals can tie the entire space together. On the contrary, images of zebras have a calming and relaxed feel.

If you’re a minimalist or just prefer a quieter atmosphere a zebra or a photo of a horse can induce that feeling. Similarly, images of nature can create light and airy atmosphere which can easily elevate and lift the mood. Some great ideas include a magnificent image of an oak tree or collection of beautiful flowers about to bloom.


In fact, looking at nature can have significant effects on your mood! Propping images of nature around a room will lead to a better mood and improved levels of productivity, perhaps setting up pictures or posters of images depicting this in your office will aide you in your workload.

Often, bathrooms can be neglected in the décor process which is such a shame, hopefully in this article we can remind you of the importance of this room. Images of animals is a brilliant way to add a bit of oomph to this area, with a monochrome image of a fierce lion you’ll be able to tone it down and make it usable in this part of your home.

However, if your prerogative is to introduce a focal point then bright, intense images of animals like a golden eagle or a commanding elephant can attract the eye and give a sense of movement to the space. It’ll also spice up and make your otherwise white bathroom a little bit more interesting. Hanging up a large picture of nature above your bathtub is a sure way to give your bathroom a direction, this picture can act as a centre piece to give your bathroom a sense of cohesiveness.

A singular picture on the bigger side is also ideal for this environment, as multiple pictures can allow the room to look disarranged as there is already so much going on in the restroom.


How about using images of animals in a room as self-expression? We often see ourselves in animals whether that be our pets or just a general resemblance. This can be a fun way to channel our inner beast and show a side of us people don’t usually see in our home.

Aligning the theme of your home with artwork to coordinate and familiarise the concept you’re trying to convey through your living space is a great idea. For example, if your home has a country feel then images which have tones of deep brown and blue can intensify that message.


A beautiful rainfall will look stunning in a country home or an illustration of a vibrant green meadow. You can also use such images of nature to soften the look of your home, tones of pink and purple as well as muted yellow can take the edge of a stern office or a serious living room. Don’t be afraid to use depictions of animals to create the opposite effect either.

If you think your home looks a little bit lost or without a strong direction using images of animals can immediately portray a distinctive concept.

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