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Decorating your living room and entrance.


Your entrance is the fore front of your house, it’s the first insight your guests get at the style and aesthetic of your home so it’s important you make a lasting impression! Utilising photos and posters are a great way to make a huge impact, by decorating your hallway with a bespoke wall art tailored to your tastes you’ll be able to achieve a beautiful look that illustrates what you’re all about.


There are so many options on the market, and while a lot of choice can be nice, at times it can be a little over whelming. In this blog we’ll be breaking down the steps you should take when piecing together the prefect entrance to your home.


The very first phase to tackle is placement. Now, this depends on the size and spacing of your wall the way you’ll adorn a narrow hallway is a lot different than if you’ve got a lot of space to consider. For instance, if your hallway is tight in space then filling it with pictures and posters is an easy for it to look cluttered and messy which will only make the entrance to your home look very small and tight.



To counter this, you should plan carefully before you begin nailing down your pictures it’s best to lay everything out on the floor or table to give you a better understanding on the way these images will on your wall. Don’t be afraid to move the pieces around, it’s essential you’re completely happy with your arrangement.




Once you’re happy with your positioning, there are a couple of tricks you can implement to enhance your hallway. One way to do this is by choosing light coloured photos and frames and steering away from dark coloured tones, this is to make your entrance appear bigger than it is. Lighter tones reflect the light which visually makes an area look bigger than it is. Another way is to place photos closely together, ideally an even number of pictures which will give the wall a window like effect, again amplifying the space.


On the other hand, a larger entrance will allow you to have more room to play with. To take advantage of this, perhaps consider a centre piece. This can be a dramatic and exciting way to style the front entry to your home! Since it’s autumn why not go for an orange or dark red colour palette to accentuate the colours you see outside, this can be a playful way to accessorize your home by bringing the nature you see outdoors inside.


Enriching your living room is a such a joyful experience, from an extravagant gallery wall to minimalistic posters you certainly have your pick. Here are some guidelines to contemplate when decorating your living room.


Art hanging above furniture should not be wider than the width of the furniture whether that be your sofa or above a table, it’s best that the art should be measured at about 50-70% the width of the furniture. Ever consider making a statement with your living room? The centre of your home, and the place you and your guests will spend the most time in deserves an extravagant declaration.



An effective and simple way to do it, is with symmetry. Incorporating your favourite art pieces in the same size to make a rectangular shape will absolutely command the attention it deserves. It’s ideal to pick pictures of similar colour tones to ensure the wall art looks in harmony and ties the room together. To optimise and encourage a cosy feel to your living room how about picking pictures with animals or plants in it? Nothing says homey than an adorable picture of a puppy or a photo with brightly coloured flowers shown.


Another way is to avoid pictures that are too fancy, simplicity is key when wanting to achieve a warm inviting atmosphere, art that will relax you and draw you in like an inspiring quote or a photo of your most loved character is a sure way to do this. Also, utilising warm toned colours like greens and browns will convey the snug and welcoming ambience you desire.



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