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Aaaah, the bedroom. The place where all the magic happens. And I don’t know about you, but in my world, that’s sleep! Whatever you retire to your bedroom to do, though, wouldn’t it be better to do it in luxury?

1. Go Gold with Your Accessories

What accent colour says ‘elegance’ and ‘luxury’ like gold does? It’s so easy to introduce to your existing scheme via things like lines on posters, or cities maps. Changing wall frames is an instant way to upgrade the luxury style of your bedroom space.

2. Be Brave with Bold Colours

You could stick to a single feature wall if you don’t dare to be this dramatic. Alternatively, try painting two-thirds of the way up each wall and using white for contrast on the top third to make an elegant modern bedroom. Separating the two colours with a picture rail gives a more refined finish.

3. Throw in Some Velvet for Va Va Voom.

Your new, bang-on-trend luxury bedroom will need to shout about itself, and nothing screams 'luxe' louder than a velvet, colour-pop bed alongside some stylish line art on your wall. The stunning storage bed in blue is the perfect purchase to tick this box.


4. Bring some buttons

In addition to having buttons on your bed, you could incorporate it through an armchair in the corner of your luxury bedroom. The stunning Freya chair is a perfect choice and would fit right in with the luxury theme with its buttoned back and metal stud details. It's available in a range of colours, along with stunning designs on your Floral Body Botanical Art wall.

Would You Love an Elegant Modern Bedroom?

It's easy to see that we love the luxe look as it's the perfect way to create a bedroom that will look incredibly beautiful. With our useful tips, we’re sure you will love your bedroom just as much!



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