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Baby Shower Gift Guide – Mum To Be Posters.

A baby shower is a celebration of life and is one of the most exciting aspects of so many people’s lives. It gives the mother to be, a moment to forget the jitters and bathe in the love her friends and family are showering her with. It’s only natural to bring gifts for the baby that’s going to be coming along, from cute new-born outfits to their first story book it’s truly a time of commemoration.


The baby shower market is enormous and it’s particularly important to honour the mother to be too, so why not opt for a bespoke item tailored just for her! A time-less piece such as a personalised street map to memorialise the town or city the baby will be born in will absolutely be cherished by the mother.


You also won’t have to worry about that awkward moment when you have the same poster gift as someone else at the party which is a huge life saver. It’s always nice when you’re able to able to create a tear-jerking moment, a baby shower in that way is such an emotional environment especially for first time mums.



New mums are under a lot of pressure, with the stress of becoming a mother, and family obligations it’ll be nice to alleviate those concerns with some touching words.

Why not consider a beautiful quote or a moving poem framed in a picture to ease the tension she may be feeling. A few examples are “A new baby is like the beginning of all things-wonder, hope, a dream of possibilities”. This family quote will hopefully relieve those new mum nerves.



Or you can go for something more uplifting like “I am a strong woman because a strong woman raised me.” This line will certainly inspire strength and courage in an otherwise nerve-racking time.


If premade and prechosen quotes aren’t able to convey your exact feelings, it would be a fantastic idea to create your own version tailored for the mum-to be you’re celebrating. Take inspiration from her personality and the qualities of hers that stand out to you, perhaps a fond memory you have together or an embarrassing inside joke that will surely to illicit a giggle.



Have you thought about a photo celebrating the baby’s name? Depending on the gender of the baby you can go for a traditional colour route to celebrate the gender, a blue frame for a boy or a pink frame for a girl and if you’d prefer going for a gender-neutral path you can opt for a lovely caramel tone. Inside the frame, you can create personalised posters with the baby’s name in the centre. It’s trendy at the moment to have baby name reveal, and this can be a pleasant idea to introduce to your closest relatives.




Furthermore, it can be very special to have the child’s name framed in a stunning font to be hung in their nursery. You can also add the definition of their name alongside it, or possibly the babies’ zodiac sign. A unique idea would be to frame the child’s Chinese zodiac sign! The possibilities for personalised and distinctive posters are plentiful so its definitely an idea you can play with.



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