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How women can help save the world

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How women can help save the world

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1. Ecofeminism.

Founded on the premise that forms of oppression are connected. It attempts to establish a connection between environmental degradation and the oppression of women. This connection stems from a common root of domination: the patriarchal-capitalist power structure.


2. Two parallel struggles.

Feminism and environmentalism are intertwined. Only in as much as we coordinate the efforts will we eradicate gender inequality and encounter a solution to the ecological crisis that we are experiencing.


3. An unprecedented number of vulnerable women.

Women are driving the labor working force, being agricultural laborers and making up 70% of the global population living in poverty. Not only do these employment sectors depend heavily on the work of underpaid women, but these are the industries that are most at risk from changes to our climates.

4. Effective female participation.

A fair, inclusive society is crucial to avert climate catastrophe. Women play a key role in response to climate change because of their knowledge of and leadership in sustainable resource management and leading sustainable practices in the home and community.



"The changing climate…further increases disparities, as its impacts hit vulnerable populations – who have done the least to contribute to this crisis – the hardest. And among those at the frontlines of climate impacts are the bodies, lives, and livelihoods of women around the world — particularly rural and indigenous women."




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