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The Best 21st Birthday Gifts

The 21st birthday is a big one and turning 21 is a pretty huge deal for many young adults. It is possibly one of the most exciting birthdays to celebrate. Some would argue that the 18th Birthday is bigger as it is the first year you become an adult and you can now legally drink but being 21 just hits different. You are no longer new to the adult world and have firmly left the teens behind.

Despite 21st birthdays being one of the last birthdays you would typically buy a gift for it can be hard finding the right gift. Many people tend to follow the same path which includes buying something alcoholic like beer or wine which would be great if they are big drinkers but if they do not drink often, it can be somewhat underwhelming and unmemorable.

The best gift is something that is memorable and unique. Something they can look back at and remember the good times. This is where Song Lyric Prints come in – we create beautiful prints, featuring song lyrics from every song possible with added extras like personal. Below we have created a list featuring 21 of the biggest & greatest songs from the late 90s & early 00s that all young adults turning 21 one will have heard throughout their childhood!


21st Birthday Gift Ideas

Britney Spears:

Despite not being as successful as Britney’s first album it did sell an incredible 10 million copies in America, earning a Diamond certification. The only female artist to go Diamond with her first two albums! A record breaking 155 radio stations added this to their playlists the first week it was released. A popular hit is an understatement.



U2: Beautiful Day:

U2’s hit, Beautiful Day, was a moment in history for the music industry with the song being one of the first major releases made available for download. A trend that would literally shape the future of the music industry. Fans could stream the song from before it was released. It also hit the number #1 spot in the UK despite a duet by Robbie Williams and Kylie Minogue being heavy favourites to claim the top spot.



Shakira: Bzrp Music Sessions, Vol. 53

With an unexpected session, Bizarrap recluts the Colombian singer, Shakira, for the session No. 53. This session marks the second time that the Argentinian producer collaborated with a Colombian, since the 22° session by Lalo Ebratt, released on January 22, 2020.

With a pop-based production, Shakira talks about the ups and downs of her 12-year relationship with the former Barcelona football player, Gerard Piqué, being that both divorced in June 2022, after she discovered that there was a “third person” in their relationship; Alongside showing the immorality of the football player and dedicating certain lines to her supposed “new replacement.”



One Direction - Story Of My Life:

This high quality Lyrics inspired Art Prints music wall art prints Custom Song music Poster best music album covers.

It's about love and offers family and home (where we grown) as one of the best places to find the real love. According to Zayn, he said that he thinks the message of the song is to remember all of the details in your life that make up the story of your life.
BTS - Dynamite:
Stick it to the man with this unique print. There's nothing quite like a good wall art piece to show your passion. And this print, inspired by the BTS hit "Dynamite," is sure to do the trick. Not only is this print stylish and unique, but it's also high quality. So whether you're hanging it in your bedroom or office, it's sure to add personality and style.




 Bring some musical inspiration into your home with this Harry Styles - TREAT PEOPLE WITH KINDNESS Poster. This high-quality print poster features the lyrics from Harry Styles' hit song, "Treat People With Kindness." With its simple, yet powerful message, this poster is perfect for any music lover or Harry Styles fan


 Taylor swift - Anti Hero

Everyone has a favorite song especially Taylor Swift Print, and now you can show the score as printed staff. The personal favorite song sheet print shows the song chosen as the score. Bring some musical inspiration into your home with this Taylor Swift - Anti Hero Poster.


This "Year You Were Born" poster is a great way to remember the events that happened 21 Years ago in 2002.







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