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What was the best TV in the 90s?

Bring Music Home: Turn Song Lyrics Into Wall Art From Your Favorite 90s TV Shows


You loved spending your evenings watching the latest episode of your favorite show. Now, you can bring the magic of those memories home with you by turning your favorite song lyrics into wall art.

We've got a great selection of wall art prints from some of the most popular 90s TV shows. From "The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air" to "Friends," we've got you covered. Our prints are available in a variety of sizes, and we even offer framed prints for a finished look. 

So grab your favorite throwback sitcom and get started on creating the perfect addition to your home décor.


1. Breaking Bad - An Ode to the 90s

Breaking Bad is one of those shows that was so good, it transcended the genre. People who don't even like TV shows were talking about Breaking Bad. And for good reason—the acting was incredible, the plot was twisty and unpredictable, and the writing was some of the best ever.

But what many people don't know is that Breaking Bad was heavily influenced by the 90s. The entire show has a very 90s vibe, from the music to the cinematography. In honor of Breaking Bad's 10-year anniversary, we wanted to take a look back at some of the most iconic 90s TV shows and how they influenced Breaking Bad.




2. Baywatch: A Classic '90s Fave

It's hard to believe that Baywatch aired its first episode all the way back in 1989! But over the next decade, it would become one of the most popular TV shows of all time.


If you were a fan of Baywatch in the '90s (or any other show, for that matter), you'll love our easy tutorial on how to turn song lyrics into wall art. With just a few simple steps, you can create a one-of-a-kind piece of art that will add some serious nostalgia to your home.




3. Bringing Music Home With Knight Rider Theme

What's more 90s than Knight Rider? The show about a crime fighter who rode in a car that talked? We all wanted one of those cars when we were kids!

Now you can bring the music from your favorite 90s TV shows home with you. Just find some lyrics from your favorite theme songs, and turn them into wall art! 

It's a great way to reminisce about your favorite shows, and it's a fun way to show off your personality. So get creative and find a way to bring your favorite 90s TV shows home with you.



4. Mad Men: Artful Serenade in Song

Moving onto our fourth TV show from the 90s, Mad Men. This iconic show set during the advertising world in the early sixties was packed with memorable characters and plenty of drama. But, one of the defining aspects of this groundbreaking show were its use of song to drive home powerful moments.

One such scene was when Don Draper sang ‘You Are My Sunshine’ to his daughter at her birthday party, proving that despite every mistake he had made in life, he still cared deeply for his family. It was a powerful moment that left us all in tears and is just one example of how Mad Men used music to convey emotion throughout its seven seasons on the airwaves.





5. Orange Is the New Black Main Theme: Grooving to a Tune.

Last but not least, Orange Is the New Black. Drawing on the best of 90s hip hop and modern R&B music, this main theme will have you grooving in no time. It perfectly captures the show's spirit of friendship, empowerment, and finding pride in who you are. With its playful beats and infectiously catchy melody, it's sure to add some serious flair to your wall art.




6. The a-Team Main Theme: Get Moving With the Euphonious Soundtrack

If you’re looking for the perfect soundtrack to get you through your day, you can’t go wrong with the a-Team main theme. The epic instrumental starts off with dramatic horns and builds into a deep, euphonious groove that will get your feet tapping and your heart racing. It's the perfect way to bring a bit of energy and enthusiasm into your home or workspace. And if you're lucky enough to have some 90s memorabilia, the soundtrack to The A-Team is sure to be a hit!




TV shows in the 90s were some of the best ever made. If you're a fan of shows like Breaking Bad, Baywatch, Knight Rider, Mad Men, or Orange Is The New Black, then you're going to love turning your favorite song lyrics into wall art.



We've got a collection of song lyrics from all your favorite 90s TV shows, so you can create beautiful poster art for your home. Our song lyrics come in two designs: one with the song title and one without. So whether you want to display your favorite song lyrics as art or keep them hidden away, we've got you covered. 

Take a trip down memory lane with our collection of song lyrics from the best TV shows of the 90s.


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