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12 FREE Gallery Wall Templates

Gallery Wall Templates

It's not easy planning a gallery wall for Living room, children's bedroom or playroom - I get many of you asking for ideas and tips on what size frames to use and how to place them above a bed or that half wall paint that is currently so popular.

Below are some suggestions and templates to help you create a picture perfect wall of art that your little one will love and admire.


  1. How To Layout A Gallery Wall

Laying out a gallery wall can be challenging, especially if you overthink it! But don’t worry, it’s easier than you think.


2. Choose A Layout Style

To the untrained eye, a beautiful gallery wall might look like each piece is abstractly place. However, this is not the case. There are two basic styles that will help you create a visually appealing gallery wall.

To get started laying out your gallery wall, choose to either  – surround a midline  or use a contained space.

3.Mix Up The Art

Mixing up the size, colors, and textures of art in your gallery wall can really add interest to the space. Try choosing frames that go well together without having to be exactly the same.

You can even choose pieces that are not framed, or stand alone art piece like canvas paintings, clocks, and mirrors. The key here is to choose pieces of interest that are cohesive when grouped together.

4. Choose Art Pieces That Bring You Joy

If your gallery does not bring you joy every time you see it, you’re missing the point. I believe that decorating your home should not only be fun, but it should reflect a piece of who you are.

Gallery walls are the perfect way to showcase photographs of happy moments from the past, or pieces of art that give you inspiration.

Making a gallery wall is a simple way to display the things or people that you love. Most of all, your gallery wall is for you.  It is something you’re are going to see every time you walk by, and my hope is that it makes you smile every time!





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