The Ultimate Aftersun Film Guide

The Ultimate Aftersun Film Guide

The ending of Aftersun may require explanation, as it leaves the solution to the key issue left to viewer interpretation. Aftersun is directed by Charlotte Wells in her feature debut, and it received an Academy Award nomination for Best Actor in 2023 for Paul Mescal, who plays Calum. Sophie (Frankie Corio), a little Scottish girl, goes on vacation with her single father, Calum, to a Turkish resort.

Calum just separated from his wife and is utilising this time to bond with his daughter on the eve of his 31st birthday. Throughout the film, there are wild scenes of a rave with Calum dancing.



1. What was the purpose of Aftersun?

Aftersun delves into the depths of familial dynamics and sorrow, culminating in a strong and enigmatic climax that alludes to untold anguish. Aftersun's enigmatic finale allows for interpretation while powerfully portraying themes of guilt, love, and despair.

2. What happened to the father in Aftersun?

Yes, he committed suicide, and that was the final time they were together. That's why it was so prominent in her mind. It's her way of trying to understand him and digest whatever he was going through at the moment.

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3.  What's the real story behind Aftersun?
The plot is inspired, in part, by Wells' personal experiences. The Scottish director began tinkering with what would become "Aftersun" about eight years ago, while looking at old images of summer vacations she'd spent with her father.

4. Will I cry at Aftersun?
Will I cry? Probably so. According to the Los Angeles Times, Aftersun operates on a subconscious wavelength that surprises audiences with its gradually rising poignancy, which is as unsettling as Sophie's unsolved secrets concerning her disturbed father.

5.  Is Aftersun filmed in Turkey? Where was 'Aftersun' filmed?
The film's main setting is Oludeniz, a tourist town in Fethiye on Turkey's south-west coast.

Sophie ignores hints that her father is struggling throughout Aftersun. She doesn't see him smoking, she doesn't understand why he's angry when she loses an expensive diving mask, and she doesn't comprehend why Calum feels embarrassed about not being able to purchase a rug he likes. Sophie typically behaves like a cheerful, carefree young girl enjoying a tropical vacation with her father. She also carries a camcorder on vacation, and several scenes are captured from her perspective. There are several situations, such as Calum weeping after his night swim, that she could not reasonably have witnessed.

6.  Is Calum from Aftersun Scottish?
In his new picture, Paul Mescal plays Calum, a Scottish 20-something divorcee trying to raise his child while concealing his rising mental health difficulties.

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7. How old is Sophie in Aftersun?
Set in the late 1990s, Aftersun follows Sophie, an 11-year-old girl, on vacation with her father, Calum, at a Turkish beach resort on the eve of his 31st birthday.
8. Should I watch Aftersun?
A brilliantly assured and stylistically adventurous work, this beautifully understated yet emotionally riveting coming-of-age drama picks apart themes of love and loss in a manner so dextrous as to seem almost accidental.
Calum refuses to dance or sing repeatedly during Aftersun. First, he refuses to perform "Losing My Religion" with Sophie, and then he seems glum and dejected when Sophie arranges for a group of tourists to serenade him "For He's a Jolly Good Fellow" for his birthday. However, towards the end of their stay, Calum invites Sophie to join him on the dance floor, where they hug and sway to David Bowie and Queen's "Under Pressure.". The song's title clearly refers to Calum's present mental state and sentiments of being under strain in his life.
9.  Was Aftersun nominated for an Oscar?
Despite being regarded as the finest picture of 2022 by critics, "Aftersun" only received one Oscar nomination, which went to Paul Mescal. "Look, 'Aftersun' was never going to be a film that was ingrained in the campaigning world," Mescal told Vanity Fair.
10. Is Aftersun a masterpiece?
In conclusion, “Aftersun” stands as a triumph of storytelling, acting, and direction. It more than deserves every ounce of praise it has received, earning an unequivocal 5/5 rating. This film is not only one of the standout works of 2022 but has the potential to become a classic of the decade.



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