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Music For My Children 🍭

Anime Cartoon for my Kids’ Room.

If you have kids, you’ll definitely be looking for the best decorations that can bring your kids’ room to life. While lamps and carpets add that cosy look to the room, there’s nothing as attractive as a customized poster.


Posters add your personal touch to the walls, but adding musical tunes to the poster will make your walls an excellent leisure time activity that the whole family can enjoy.



98types brings the best collection of anime cartoon posters that have the theme song etched as notes on top. If your children are learning music, these can be the perfect gift. 

Relive your childhood memories with Zelda, or Super Mario and go on a nostalgic trip down memory lane that will have you and your children humming the likes of the catchy pink panther tone or the Naruto theme songs in no time.




You can enjoy family time with your kids and with the wide variety of posters or try some of the new trends that your kids love, the collection includes 100's of Music Songs, and you can customize your favorite Lyric Music Print


The Simpsons, and many, many more on offer. Our posters add sweet music, art, and personality to your kids’ room in style and will have visitors in awe over the uniqueness and fun way of decorating walls.


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