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6 Creative Forms of Trend Line Art

The line art trend is conquering the graphic design world—one line at a time. It’s simple yet clever. A “line” is one of the basic elements of design and arguably the most important. As famed Bauhaus artist Paul Klee famously stated, a drawing is simply “An active line on a walk, moving freely.” This can mean anything from a simple straight pencil line across a page to a complex and abstract pen sketch.


Line art is a perfect addition to any home, as it can add character and vibrancy into any room without being overtly obtrusive. What is great about this, is that you can mix and match line art with other works, such as photographs, figurative paintings or landscape pieces, the possibilities are endless! Lastly, it can bring a sense of calmness and add an element of texture in your personal space.

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1. Always Intertwined Line Art Print.

Having a clean modern space is the perfect vibe for line art. Now that minimalism is taking over, white, black and neutral spaces are on the rise. To keep your art in a minimal and clean style, I would recommend decorating with either a classic one-line drawing or using a modern line abstract. These simple pieces of artwork can really elevate your space.


2. kiss Me Slowly Line Art Print.

This small touch creates a modern yet cosy look which could really elevate your home aesthetics.

3. Love me Forever Line Art Print.

If you’re all for sophistication and minimalism when it comes to wall decor, our line art prints are just the thing for you! They pair exceptionally well with monochrome prints, giving a clean-lined and timeless display that feels classic but contemporary. With black and white prints on your walls, you can easily add and swap colourful room decor elements whenever you like to add some intriguing textures. 


4. Love Red Flower Line Art Print.

Line art and drawings have been around for thousands of years, and it’s no wonder, ink and line art is simple and timeless.

5. Pulp fiction Line Art Print.

Design your everyday with pulp fiction art prints you will love. Cover your walls with artwork and trending design.


6. You and Me Alone Line Art Print.

Piece together your favourite photos with line art prints on your wall to create your own gallery wall at home. You could even draw up your own stylish works of line art which represent your inspirations, sentiments, thoughts, aesthetic or anything which you hold a special memory or resonance.



_________ Line up for the line art trend  _________

Leonardo da Vinci once wrote, “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” While many designs call for complexity, often times the simplicity of a line drawing will deliver the intended message efficiently and with the most power. If you want your next design to communicate complex ideas and narratives in a passing glance, consider a line art design. You won’t regret it!

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