9 Anatomy Print of Body with Funky Flowers Art

9 Anatomy Print of Body with Funky Flowers Art

Walls looking a little bare? Looking to liven ‘em up with some inspiring wall art? Transform your boring, blank walls into a space that screams ‘OMG, this is sooo me!’. Read on to find out why our exceptional prints are a cut above the rest.

Each piece is a shrine to a particular part of the body and is Inspired by free bodies full of good energy and cheerful color. I want to show the body in a scientific way that looks less like an anatomical diagram and more like a poem of our insides. Many of my pieces focus on the harmony between humans / animals intertwined with earthly and celestial elements.

1. Cerebrum Flower Anatomy Print, Psychology, Neurologist. 

Vintage reproduction print of the Cerebrum with flowers. This is the perfect graduation gift.


2. Heart Flower Anatomy Print, Human, Anatomy art.

Vintage Botanical Heart Art Print. Human anatomy with flowers poster is perfect for any occasion, great for posting to friends and family.

3. Anatomy Skeleton Print Flowers Art.

Gracefully adorns the human body with blossoming flowers in full body skeleton.

4.Hands Skeleton Anatomical Flowers.

The striking contrast between the blooming botanicals and the separate body parts is what makes the whole thing so fascinating bright.

5.Human Anatomy Flower Botanical Poster.


6. Camel Skeleton Anatomical Flowers Print.

The floral additions of this Camel Anatomical Body turn the featured bodies into striking bouquets that not only look beautiful.

7. Giraffe Skeleton Anatomical Flowers Print.

The slightly soft texture and pastel Giraffe Skeleton Image palette belies the minute detail in each figure. Fill the space between the skin and the bones with lush bouquets of flowers and plants Print that seem to overflow the figure and take over the image.

8. Lion Skeleton Anatomical Flowers.

The harmony between humans / animals with nature, often intwining flora with the human body and other earthly and celestial elements. Continually exploring the depths of life, death, and rebirth.


9. Seahorse Skeleton Anatomical Flowers Print.

These combinations of the two of the body of  the Seahorse with the life of the flowers
that reference anatomical and scientific illustration as they explore colourful abstract compositions



Botanical art prints and vintage flower posters bring the wonder of nature inside your home.  From natural abstract Anatomy Print of Body to monstera print and organic geometric floral posters, our botanical anatomy illustration prints collection showcases unique plant artwork that hits the spot for your unique sanctuary.  Perfect Funky botanical body wall art for house plant art fans, and beautiful vintage botanic design lovers
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