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Get Creative: Design Posters and Prints

Design Posters and Prints From Song Lyrics With 98types


Have you been dreaming of giving your home an artistic touch, but don’t know how to go about it? Then you’ve come to the right place! At 98types, we make it easy for you to get creative with wall art. We’ve come up with a range of stylish and contemporary ideas to help you create a stunning gallery wall — and one of them is designing posters and prints from song lyrics!


Whether it’s music that has seen you through the good times, or a track that conjures up the best of memories, why not take its lyrics off the page and onto your wall? With our 10 stylish wall art ideas for a contemporary gallery wall, you’ll be able to breathe life into any room with unique pieces that will bring personality to your space.

So let your walls do the talking and get creative with 98types!

What Are Some Ideas for Creating Stylish Wall Art?

Creating stylish wall art doesn't have to be expensive or time-consuming. One way to add a unique, personal touch to your wall is by creating posters and prints from favorite song lyrics. With 98types, you can easily create stylish prints straight from your computer and in the comfort of your own home.


Here are some ideas for creating stylish wall art from song lyrics:

* Look for quotes from beloved music artists or bands.

* Choose meaningful lyrics that express an emotion, like joy or nostalgia.

* Frame the lyrics in different shapes (such as circles, stars, and hearts) for an interesting look.

* Use a mix of typefaces, fonts, and sizes for added visual appeal and contrast.

* Play with colors and textures to compliment your existing color scheme.

* Hang the prints in clusters or grids for an eye-catching gallery wall display.

By following these simple tips, you can easily create unique artwork quickly and affordably!


How Can I Create Posters and Prints From Song Lyrics Using 98types?

At 98types, we offer a range of stylish prints and poster designs that make it easy to add personality to your space. One of our most popular options is creating wall art from song lyrics. This unique way to curate your walls is sure to leave a lasting impression on any room.


Designing with song lyrics can be a fun, creative way to express yourself in your home and also show off your love of music. Here’s how you can create posters and prints from song lyrics with 98types:


- First, select the type of print or poster you’d like. We offer canvas prints, canvas wraps, posters and other options to choose from.

- Next, enter the song lyric or phrase you’d like printed onto your wall art for a truly personalized design.

- Then select the font style, font color and size for your lyric design.

- Finally, check out for your wall art creation and wait for it arrive! Plus, shipping is free worldwide when you order from 98types.


What Is the Benefit of Using 98types to Design Posters and Prints?

Tired of searching for the right image to create your modern gallery wall? Look no further than 98types! With this innovative service, you can easily craft stylish wall art using your favorite song lyrics.


### Versatility

Whether you're an ardent fan of classic rock or looking to splurge on rap and hip hop, 98types has a diverse selection of fonts and colors that are sure to suit your style. Just type in your desired lyrics, upload them to the app, then customize and order the prints or posters you've designed.


### Cost-Efficient & Hassle-Free Shopping Experience

Your prints will be shipped directly to your home, so you won't have to worry about paying extra for delivery – just pick them up from your doorstep! Furthermore, with prices ranging from $15-20 for a set of 6-8 posters or prints, creating an esthetically pleasing wall art arrangement has never been more affordable.


So if you’re looking for something special and unique for your gallery wall—and without breaking the bank—check out 98types now and create stylish wall art with song lyrics!


Which Song Lyrics Work Best When Creating Wall Art With 98types?

Have you ever wanted to immortalize your favorite musical artist’s lyrics on your wall? With 98types, you can create stylish and meaningful wall art that combines a variety of materials, colors and fonts with custom song lyrics.


When creating wall art from song lyrics, there are some things to keep in mind:

* Choose powerful words or phrases. Focus on the most impactful and memorable lines from the lyric, like choruses or refrains—something that will convey your fondness for the song, but also make an interesting statement with limited text.


* Consider length. Look for shorter lines that won't overwhelm the visual composition of your artwork. Avoid using a single line unless it's particularly poignant.


* Think about punctuation. Incorporate punctuation marks such as em dashes and exclamation points to add emphasis to your statement without adding too many words.


Once you’ve chosen the perfect phrase, you can begin designing! At 98types, it’s easy to choose from ready-made collections or create something completely unique with their custom printing options. Start expressing yourself through song today!


How Should I Hang My Newly Created Poster or Prints?

Hanging your newly created poster or prints is an art form in itself! Consider these tips to create a contemporary gallery wall:


### Proportion & Scale

Consider the size and scale of your prints, ensuring the artwork is the main focus and the room isn't overwhelmed. Matching frames can help achieve a sense of harmony, but you can also contrast colors or textures to create interest. If you have one large print, then accent it with smaller sizes.

### Symmetry & Grid Layout

Go for symmetry by balancing the weight of each piece, either asymmetrically or in a pattern. Lay out your art as you would like it on the floor before hammering any nails into the wall so you can be certain that it looks perfect before hanging.

### Spacing & Floating Effect

Don’t hang frames too close together; give each item enough space for it to stand out. For a floating effect, choose different depths of frames and display them with small gaps between them - this strategy works great with smaller sizes pieces!


Where Can I Buy London Pictures, Photography Prints and Original Photography With 98types?

Adding original photography to your contemporary gallery wall has become easier than ever with 98types. The online store offers a variety of prints for those looking for the perfect London pictures, photography prints, and original photography. They offer prints from some of the world's best photographers and artists in their extensive collection.


Their online selection includes: 

-* Landscapes and cityscapes featuring iconic landmarks in England's capital, such as Buckingham Palace and Big Ben.

-* Portraits and wildlife photography that capture the beauty of nature in England.

-* Street art prints featuring vibrant graffiti styles popularized by Banksy.


You'll also find creative posters and prints made exclusively from song lyrics at 98types, allowing you to customize your gallery wall with meaningful messages or meaningful quotes. With so many options, you're sure to find something that fits your style!


In conclusion, 98types has breathed new life into the classic concept of poster and print designs with their unique combination of modern art and vintage lettering. Create your unique work of art from any song, poem, or phrase that you love. Whether you are looking to elevate your modern home décor, add a personal touch to your bedroom wall, or simply express your passion for music and literature, 98types is the perfect place to get creative and create something truly unique. With endless options for poster and print designs, 98types is the perfect place to start your wall art gallery.


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