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Why do people even like Freddie Mercury?

I assume you have never heard Freddie Mercury sing or seen him perform or you would not ask that question. He was a brilliant songwriter, a vocalist who could sing almost anything and a performer who could move a whole stadium. He died nearly 30 years ago & he still entertains millions of people every day. One of a kind.


From all my reading and watching interviews with Freddie Mercury, I don’t think he had a mean bone in his body. He was a shy man off stage and kept his life private. He was also a generous man who if read about a family in distress, a check would be sent to help that family. He was also generous with his friends and family. However, in retrospect there were plenty of people who were mean and took advantage of him.



Freddie Mercury, the legendary lead singer of Queen, is still beloved by fans around the world decades after his passing. But what is it about Freddie that continues to captivate and inspire music lovers to this day?

One of the most obvious reasons why people love Freddie Mercury is his incredible voice. With his four-octave range, he could hit high notes that most people could only dream of. His voice had a powerful, operatic quality that gave his music a unique and unforgettable sound.

But it wasn't just his voice that made Freddie so popular. He was also an incredibly talented songwriter and performer. His music was a mix of rock, pop, and opera, and his lyrics often dealt with universal themes like love, loss, and the search for meaning.

Many fans also appreciate the theatricality of Freddie's performances. He was known for his flamboyant costumes, energetic dance moves, and dramatic stage presence. His shows were like nothing else in the music world at the time, and they helped make him a superstar.

All of these elements have made Freddie Mercury a popular subject for song lyrics prints, wall art, and other types of music-themed home decor. Fans can find custom song lyric art and framed lyric prints featuring their favorite Queen songs, and there are even hand-crafted posters available that feature any song on a poster.

One of the most iconic Queen songs is "Bohemian Rhapsody," which has become an enduring classic. The song features a mix of genres and styles, including rock, opera, and ballad, and its lyrics are filled with surreal imagery and existential questions. "Is this the real life? Is this just fantasy?" Freddie sings in the opening lines, setting the stage for a journey through a fantastical world.

Other classic Queen songs like "Somebody to Love" and "We Are the Champions" are similarly beloved by fans. These songs are full of memorable hooks, soaring melodies, and lyrics that speak to the human experience.

Whether you're a longtime Queen fan or just discovering their music for the first time, there's no denying the enduring appeal of Freddie Mercury and his music. From song lyrics prints to framed gifts, his legacy lives on in the hearts of music lovers everywhere. As Freddie himself once sang, "The show must go on."



People also ask

What became of Freddie Mercury's wife?

Freddie Mercury was in a long-term relationship with Mary Austin for several years in the 1970s. Although they were never married, Freddie referred to Mary as his "common-law wife" and the two remained close even after their romantic relationship ended.

After Freddie's death in 1991, Mary inherited the majority of his estate, including his home, recording royalties, and many of his personal possessions. She was also appointed as the executor of his will and oversaw the release of several posthumous albums featuring previously unreleased recordings and live performances.

Mary has mostly remained out of the public eye since Freddie's death, but she has occasionally spoken about their relationship and his legacy. In a rare interview with The Sunday Times in 2013, Mary said that she still felt Freddie's presence in her life and that she missed him every day.

Mary also talked about the difficult task of managing Freddie's estate after his death, saying that it was a "huge responsibility" but also an honor to be able to carry out his wishes.

Overall, Mary Austin has remained a private figure, choosing to focus on her family and personal life away from the public eye. However, her close relationship with Freddie Mercury and her role in preserving his legacy have ensured that she remains an important figure in the history of rock music.

Was Mary with Freddie when he died?

Yes, Mary Austin was with Freddie Mercury when he died. According to reports, she was by his side at his home in London on November 24, 1991, when he passed away from complications related to AIDS.

In the years following Freddie's death, Mary has spoken about the emotional impact of being with him during his final moments. In a 2013 interview with The Sunday Times, she described the experience as "very peaceful" and said that she felt a sense of closure knowing that she was there for him at the end.

Despite the end of their romantic relationship, Freddie and Mary remained close throughout his life and he referred to her as his "best friend" in many interviews. In fact, he left the majority of his estate to Mary after his death, saying that he trusted her to carry out his wishes and protect his legacy.

Overall, Mary's presence at Freddie's side during his final moments underscores the deep bond and affection that existed between the two of them, even after their romantic relationship ended.


How much was Freddie Mercury worth when he died?

Freddie Mercury, the legendary frontman of the British rock band Queen, had an estimated net worth of around $30 million at the time of his death in 1991. However, it is worth noting that estimates of his net worth vary widely, with some sources putting it as high as $100 million.

Mercury's wealth was largely derived from his success with Queen, which sold over 150 million albums worldwide and became one of the most popular rock bands of all time. He was also a prolific songwriter and composer, and his music continues to be popular today, generating substantial royalties for his estate.

Following his death, Mercury's estate was managed by his long-time friend and former partner Mary Austin, who inherited the majority of his assets, including his home, recording royalties, and personal possessions. The estate has continued to generate significant income in the years since his death, thanks to the continued popularity of Queen's music and the release of posthumous albums featuring previously unreleased recordings and live performances.

In addition to his financial legacy, Mercury left behind a rich cultural legacy as well. His music, his flamboyant stage presence, and his pioneering approach to blending different musical genres continue to influence artists around the world, cementing his status as one of the greatest performers of all time.


Who owns Queen's music?

Queen's music is owned by a variety of entities, including the band members themselves, their record label, and various music publishing companies.

The band's original record label was EMI Records, which released many of their early albums. In 1991, Queen signed a new recording contract with Parlophone Records, which is owned by the Warner Music Group.

In terms of music publishing, Queen's songs are owned by a number of companies, including Sony/ATV Music Publishing, Universal Music Publishing Group, and Queen Music Ltd, a company owned by the surviving members of the band. The rights to some of their most famous songs, such as "Bohemian Rhapsody" and "We Will Rock You," have changed hands several times over the years, with different companies acquiring partial or full ownership.

In addition to their music recordings, Queen's legacy is also managed by the band's own production company, Queen Productions Ltd, which oversees the use of their music in films, television, and other media.

Overall, Queen's music is owned by a complex network of record labels, music publishers, and production companies, reflecting the band's enduring popularity and cultural influence.




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